About SEC Associates

SEC Associates, Inc., is the provider of TransparentCT® - The International Clinical Trial Disclosure Knowledge Base, a comprehensive source of information about clinical trial registration and results disclosure requirements for many countries around the world.

Originally incorporated in 1988, SEC has been serving Life Sciences clients for over 20 years. During this time, SEC established itself as a recognized leader in regulatory compliance consulting to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies around the globe.

In late 2005 SEC began to focus on Clinical Trial Registration and Results Disclosure, and the challenges faced by sponsors and investigators struggling to comply with rapidly increasing demands for public disclosure coming from various governments, journal editors, industry associations and other institutions. In early 2006, SEC was retained by Eli Lilly and Company to conduct a third-party audit of Lilly’s Clinical Trial Registry and Results Disclosure databases, and to make the audit results public.

In 2007 SEC was engaged by a leading biotech company to conduct research and produce a detailed report on Clinical Trial Registration and Results Disclosure laws, regulations, guidelines, and expectations for 26 non-U.S. countries. Recognizing the importance of this information to the Life Sciences industry at large, SEC retained the rights to license the original report to other clients, and to grow the report with additional countries, expanded information, and increased usability.

SEC realized that the ultimate benefit of this rich source of information could only be realized by creating a web-based, relational database that would enable users to access the needed information quickly and easily, using only a browser. The result is TransparentCT® - The International Clinical Trial Disclosure Knowledge Base. SEC Associates is committed to updating, expanding and improving this essential research tool to benefit the entire TransparentCT User Community.